Cizeta Studio

Businesses that operate on an international scale know that professional translation is a must.
CIZETA STUDIO is based in Italy, in the heart of Europe, and over the years has forged links with a worldwide network of professional translators. So whatever your needs, you can rest assured that we have the skills and the contacts to deliver. The language combinations may be many and varied and the subject matter may be wide-ranging, but there is always one constant factor: the level of service and professionalism is consistently high.


For over ten years, leading international companies have been turning to CIZETA STUDIO for the translation of technical and specialist documentation, secure in the knowledge that they have found a reliable partner capable of supplying the quality they need.


Adhering to deadlines and delivering your translation when you expect to have it is hugely important at Cizeta Studio.

Successful team

Our collaborators translate exclusively into their own mother tongue and work with texts pertaining to those fields and sectors in which they have received specific professional training. Therefore, we are capable of translating very complex scientific, technical and legal texts with the utmost accuracy.


Modern methods of communication mean that distance isn’t a factor any more. Wherever you are, your e-mail will reach us within seconds.

About Me

Who’s behind Cizeta Studio?

Dipl. Dolm. Claudia Zanaga

General manager of the translation office CIZETA STUDIO. Handles day-to-day business, coordination and planning.


Our pool of translators consists of freelance specialist translators from all over the world. Qualified specialist translators with many years...